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We are deeply inpsired by our purpose to nourish and restore people and planet, naturally.  All our seaweeds are sustainably harvested, and tested for contaminants.  We’re on a mission to make it easier to eat just a little seaweed everyday.

Seaweed is densely nutritious, cleansing, and balancing. Food grown on land, in soils which are increasingly depleted, lacks the micronnutrients, minerals and trace elements we need for optimal health. Add a small serving of any of our delicious sea vegetables into your daily diet for optimal health.  Seaweed’s status as a ‘vegan superfood’ grows daily, as does awareness of the remarkable role seaweed plays in our planet’s health.

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Shop For Dried Edible Seaweeds! Explore our range of different types of dried edible seaweeds and sea salts, available in different formats ~powders, flakes, leaves. These superfoods from the ocean are packed with essential micronutrients, minerals and vitamins which are not present in our soils. There are no GMO ingredients, trans fats or artificial flavours in our products. Natural sea salts Seaweed salt Kelp sea salt Manuka Smoked sea salt Sea vegetables Atlantic dulse Irish moss (sea moss) Kombu seaweed Nori seaweed (Karengo) Sea Chicory Sea lettuce Sea Spaghetti Wakame (Undaria) seaweed Seaweed flakes Atlantic dulse flakes Power of three seaweed blend Kelp flakes (fine granules) Nori flakes (Karengo flakes) Sea lettuce flakes Seaweed powder Agar powder NZ sea kelp powder Seaweed seasonings Furikake seasoning NZ sea kelp range  

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