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We are versatile system administrators and analyst/programmers with 12+ years experience in business software, web and embedded. We can handle anything from small microcontroller-based designs to Linux system and network administration and business/web application development.

We consult to provide the solutions our clients need. Developing relationships by working alongside our clients has lead us to create a motivated and efficient core team. Our talented core team, and senior associated under the True Group umbrella, encompass every aspect of technology today. our aim is always to provide the highest level of service and expertise to discerning clients who require excellent bespoke advice and solutions to any business or technical problem.

Particular areas of expertise include: low-level C and assembler programming including kernel development; web development with HTML, CSS and Javascript; dynamic languages such as Tcl/Tk, Python and PHP; database programming and administration, including many years experience with PostgreSQL, MySQL and SQLite.

We can also do digital hardware development for FPGAs and CPLDs in VHDL, write embedded code on the bare metal or based on Linux or an RTOS, and diagnose tricky system integration issues.

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Unit 14A, 65 Paul Matthews Road Rosedale Auckland 0632 NZ
65 Paul Matthews Road
Auckland 0632
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