Post Event – Natalie Tolhopf: The Art of Selling

7th March 2024

Business Capability Workshop, supported by Bolster Risk Management
National Hockey Centre

Natalie Tolhopf is one of Aotearoa’s most highly regarded sales and mindset coaches. Her Women in Business event last December packed out North Shore Golf Club, and this Business Capability Workshop enticed more than 50 local business owners and employees to the National Hockey Stadium at lunchtime.

One of Natalie’s great strengths is her candour. Drawing on her own experiences, she shares the highs, the lows, and the lessons. This refreshing honesty makes her presentations relevant and relatable.

Today, she covered three key areas:

  1. Sales foundations and mechanics, including the difference between marketing and sales
  2. Identifying sales bottlenecks
  3. How to build the habit of selling every day

Natalie reminded guests that sales are not optional, and they don’t just happen on their own. It’s a daily activity and “You need to be in amongst it.”

With the help of several volunteers, she used sporting and restaurant scenarios to demonstrate processes, challenge misgivings, and show that sales are a necessary part of customer service. Actually, not asking for the sale is what can make things weird.

The message that seemed to most strike a chord with attendees was the importance of conversations. Digital marketing and automation are undoubtedly integral to any sales pipeline. However, to quote Natalie, “powerful conversations are the most effective way to increase your sales”. Picking up the phone or meeting face-to-face means you can ask questions, gauge the human reaction to your approach, and, if necessary, adjust your offering – after all, there’s little chance of scoring in netball if you’re shooting with a rugby ball.

Some of the most crucial conversations are those following up enquiries. Only 10 per cent of salespeople make contact more than three times. And yet, 80 per cent of sales come between the fifth and twelfth contact. Nat’s strong recommendation, therefore, is to block out time, specifically to follow up – remembering that no doesn’t necessarily mean no forever, but just for now. Nor is it a personal rejection.

Natalie also shared handouts with more than 30 daily and weekly sales actions that could be implemented straight away. She invited guests to email her for more tips – promising that she absolutely would follow up with them!

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Ben Yang

Ben Yang