Retail Crime Prevention Programme – Update 26 June 2023

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Police continues to take all retail crime seriously. We recognise the impact of retail crime on
business owners and staff and continue to work with partners across the industry to reduce retail
crime through our response and prevention work.

We respond to these incidents at a district and national level with significant investigative action to
identify those responsible and prevent reoffending.

  • Police’s work and support in the retail crime space includes:
  • The National Retail Investigation Support Unit,
  • Various dedicated operations targeting retail crime,
  • The Retail Crime Prevention Programme support for retailers who have been the victims of an aggravated robbery or ram raid.

In addition, the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment have been working to provide
small retailers with assistance through the Fog Cannon Subsidy Scheme. You don’t need to have
been a victim of a ram raid or aggravated robbery to apply, but retailers must meet the small
business criteria. Further information can be found on MBIE’s website

The Government has allocated $15 million for the Retail Crime Prevention Programme, managed by
Police. This Programme is intended to deliver protective equipment, and additional prevention
advice for retailers who have experienced an aggravated robbery/ ram raid, to reduce the risk of
harm for the community, as well as support the health and safety of retailers and their staff.
The Retail Crime Prevention Programme initially included retailers who had experienced a ram raid
style burglary from November 2021 onwards. The Programme was expanded to include retailers
targeted by aggravated robbery since November 2021 onwards, in January 2023.

As at 22 June, a total of 2,680 security interventions have been approved for eligible ram raid and
aggravated robbery stores and allocated to contractors. Of these 2,680 interventions, a total of
1,846 security interventions have been completed and invoiced by contractors. That includes
412 fog cannons, 330 security sirens, 376 alarms, 354 CCTV systems or system upgrades,
110 bollards or similar security measures, 168 roller doors, and 96 other interventions that include
improved lighting/strengthened windows.

As at 22 June, a total of 351 previously ram raided stores have had installations approved/
installations commissioned. Of these, 249 stores have now had installations completed and have
thus exited the programme.

A total of 275 stores previously a victim of an aggravated robbery have had installations approved/commissioned. Of these, 187 stores have now had installations completed and have thus
exited the programme.

Police continue to identify eligible retailers through data analysis of current occurrences and past
ram raid style burglary and making sure they are a small business. However if you have been a target
of a ram raid or aggravated robbery, you can use the following contact form on the Police website to
send us your details: https://www.police.govt.nz/advice-services/businesses-andorganisations/retail-crime-prevention-hub/victims-ram-raids-aggravated-robbery

If you’re a retailer, Police’s Retail Crime Hub has retail crime prevention resources which you may
find useful https://www.police.govt.nz/advice-services/businesses-and-organisations/retail-crimeprevention-hub/prevention-resources. The page provides some educational videos and booklets
from various sources in a variety of languages on how to stay safe and what to do if you have been

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Bernadette Robert

Bernadette Robert