Thrifty Marketing Tactics – Business Capability Workshop

Business Capability Workshop, sponsored by Bolster Risk Management

Bex Taylor-Haskell, Marketing Manager, Events at Stuff

From the get-go, Bex Taylor-Haskell promised a workshop that was “interactive and dynamic” and “practical and tactical” – and she did not disappoint!

Her “get stuff done” mentality was perfect for a room full of business owners and senior managers responsible for marketing whilst juggling other operational priorities. She segmented her presentation into five topics:

  1. Customer research so easy you can do it yourself
    This can be as simple as a five-minute conversation based around key questions.
  2. How to quickly generate content ideas
    Bex shared a content cheat sheet for website, social media, e-newsletters, and photos and videos, with at least four broad ideas for each. These were bolstered when she invited guests to offer their own suggestions.
  3. The best way to use ChatGPT (incl. the 80/20 rule)
    This included some valuable tips about prompting (if you put rubbish in, you’ll get rubbish out) and a reminder that no AI tool is entirely accurate. That final 20 per cent, when you personalise and check the content, is vital.
  4. Design that doesn’t break the bank
    Finding quality, reasonably priced (or free) images can be challenging. One of Bex’s recommendations, particularly for exporters and others with overseas customers, was to look at the resources available on New Zealand Story.
  5. Five tips on creating better emails
    Once again, these were straightforward enough to start the same day. Creating a folder of “inspiration emails” definitely struck a chord for attendees who are grappling with repeatedly trying to find fresh content ideas.

Bex finished with one final excellent tip: a call to action is not “click here”. Not only is this vague, it’s also unhelpful for website and EDM accessibility. Instead, be specific and punchy – no more than five words.

There was a great buzz in the room after the formal presentation ended. Many attendees lingered to chat and enjoy more of the delicious catering provided by BNH’s Silver Partner, Duck Duck Goose.

Full Event Photos: https://businessnh.org.nz/thrifty-marketing-tactics-event-photos/

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Bernadette Robert

Bernadette Robert