Keeping Control Of Spending

20th Dec 2022

An increasing number of businesses are having to radically adjust their budgets as costs keep spiralling upwards, seriously threatening their ability to cope with the ever-increasing financial pressure being placed upon them. The growing list of challenges that businesses are facing in the current economic climate means that more and more are having to keep very tight control on their spending.

Many business owners are scrambling, simply trying to survive, as they continue to battle with staff shortages, supply chain failures, rising costs and reduced income, all of which are affecting their ability to carve out a financially viable and sustainable future.

Unfortunately, it appears that an increasing number of people are going to have little or no disposable income this Christmas. Should this indeed prove to be the case, the knock-on effect for many local businesses will be dire, as a further reduction in income during what is traditionally a profitable time of year, could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

Support for our local businesses by buying local and utilising locally available goods and services, remains of paramount importance to the survival of our town and village centres and our business districts. I would ask those of you who can afford to and intend to buy gifts and presents this year, to do so through your local businesses, to ensure that as many as possible are able to keep trading and stay afloat during and beyond these most difficult of times.

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Bernadette Robert

Bernadette Robert