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Recent law changes
There have been a couple of recent law changes that could affect small business owners like you. Read our round-up to check. Read more

Why workplace wellbeing is important
Providing your team with a safe and healthy workplace is an important part of running a business.
Find out how you can look after your employees’ wellbeing at work. And remember to take time out for yourself to recharge your batteries.

Get employment agreements sorted
When hiring staff use the Employment Agreement Builder to create tailored agreements for each person you employ.
It takes about 30 minutes and once you finish, you’ll receive:
·       the completed agreement in your inbox
·       a sample offer letter
·       suggestions for your next steps.

Plan for the unexpected
When disruptions strike, having a continuity plan will help you get back on your feet quickly and smoothly.
With NZ at the end of the global supply chain, a continuity plan will help you plan for things like shipping delays due to global events, as well as recovering after bad weather and natural disasters. 

What to do when restructuring
Are you thinking of restructuring this year? As your business develops and your market changes, the right roles and structure might change too.
Restructuring can be difficult, but follow the process and act in good faith to make it easier.

If you have any questions or need support please contact the Ministry of Business, Innovation and
Employment (MBIE)’s phone line for small businesses: Freephone 0800 424 946

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Ben Yang

Ben Yang