Successful Safer Plates Community Event

On a sunny day in North Shore, David Loader from Business North Harbour and Westfield Albany and Police partnered up to help secure vehicles in the area with anti-theft screws. This effort was part of the Safer Plates Initiative, a community-led project that aims to reduce the theft of number plates from vehicles.

With number plate theft on the rise in New Zealand, it’s important to take action to protect your vehicle. Thieves can use stolen number plates to commit crimes such as petrol theft, traffic violations, and even serious crimes like drug trafficking or robbery.

To combat this issue, the Safer Plates Initiative provides specially designed screws to secure number plates onto vehicles. These screws are tamper-proof and require a special tool to remove, making it much more difficult for offenders to steal number plates.

To spread awareness of this important initiative and help more people protect their vehicles, Westfield Albany hosted a Safer Plates Community Event on April 19th. The event was a great success, drawing a crowd of locals eager to learn more about the initiative and get their number plates secured with the special screws.

The Safer Plates Initiative allow specially designed screws to secure the number plates onto your vehicle. The screws act as a deterrent for offenders and reduce the chances of your number plate being stolen. Business North Harbour staff Dave Loader was on hand to help with the installation of the screws and answer any questions from attendees.

Overall, the Safer Plates Community Event was a great way for the community to come together and take action against number plate theft. If you missed the event but are interested in securing your number plates, you can still get involved by contacting Business North Harbour or Westfield Albany. Together, we can make our community a safer place for everyone.

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Bernadette Robert

Bernadette Robert