Auckland cycle network maps
Auckland cycle network maps
With summer fast approaching, why not get out on your bike and try cycling some of Auckland's great local bike tracks. AT's Maps and... Read More
New pedestrian crossing outside 31 Constellation Drive
New pedestrian crossing outside 31 Constellation Drive
Roadworks have commenced for a new pedestrian crossing outside 31 Constellation Drive. Auckland Transport have advised that this work will be... Read More
Business North Harbour
Special Report - Local Elections (Final Result) Upper Harbour Local Board
Download the 'Insight Auckland' Special Report - Local Elections - Upper Harbour Local Board results which includes the final polling... Read More


Welcome to Business North Harbour.



We are here to support your interests and grow your networks, business and property investments through our programmes and services.


Our main purpose is to empower economic prosperity and growth by enabling local North Harbour business and commercial property owners to maximise their financial return and business potential. We do this by creating opportunities for them to connect, communicate and collaborate with one another.

Our members are based in a geographical area, so get in touch if you are located within our Business Improvement District. We also offer associate membership to anyone outside of this area. 

Partner with us as we develop North Harbour as Auckland's location of choice for investment, businesses, customers and employees.